Automatic Sliding Doors


Automatic sliding doors are a smart choice for any store or business, demonstrating to your customers from the very beginning that you care about them – after all, first impressions are often the strongest. Providing convenience for all, including for parents with children in tow, elderly, disabled, or customers with their arms full of merchandise, automatic doors reflect a commitment to a high level of customer service.

Choose from either an automatic sliding door or an automatic swing door. Contact one of our representatives to help decide which kind of door best suits your business. All DRS Automatic doors are installed to current EN16005 regulations by our trained technicians.

Automatic sliding doors from DRS are the ideal choice for many applications. Controlled by high tech motion sensors or other control devices, the doors are flat and slide horizontally in a linear fashion.

They can be built as a single sliding door that will slide either right or left, or a double sliding door that each door will slide right and left to create the opening in the centre.

The doors are prevented from opening or closing on someone and injuring them through obstacle detection technology (normal infrared safety sensors) or mechanical fixed screens.

Our quality designed and manufactured doors operate smoothly and reliably for years with little maintenance. They can be constructed of steel, aluminium or glass, and come in many styles and finishes. They are especially useful for hospitals and health centres, shopping centres, shops, hotels, government offices, etc. but truly can be used effectively in almost any business.

Automatic Door Features

Features of the DRS automatic sliding doors and units include:

  • Powerful control system with built-in diagnostics & programmable functions
  • Automatic detection of obstacles on opening & closing
  • Can be combined with a wide range of activation and safety devices
  • Heavy-duty engineering for reliability and longevity
  • Compact sizes for discreet installations, only 100mm high
  • Battery Backup for Emergency opening on power failure
  • Electric Locking Option
  • Compatible with a wide range of Access control systems
  • LCD Operating mode selector switch, Easy to use

Free Site Survey

All installations are subject to a technical survey. DRS will be happy to provide a free full survey of your business premises and your access requirements as part of our quotation.

DRS can comfortably cater for all your automatic door needs. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the automatic door installation and maintenance industry you know that your entrance will be in the hands of experts.