Automatic Swing Doors


DRS Doors has a long and reliable history of designing and manufacturing automatic swing doors. Swing doors work well in a variety of applications and give the maximum opening possible.

They can be automatic or manual, and are suitable for use as exterior entrances or can be used internally as well. Our range of automatic commercial doors can be designed to open inwards, outwards, or both directions and can be configured as left hand opening or right hand.

Automatic swing doors provide a popular solution to a common problem. The DRS automatic swing doors are both smooth and powerful during operation, and the adjustable settings on our swing door units allow you to pick the perfect opening and closing motions for your business property.

Automatic swing doors can come in a variety of configurations. There can be a single door that opens either right or left-handed, or two doors that open together. The DRS swing doors can be installed and used in premises with heavy foot traffic, and our automatic swing door units are designed with reliability and longevity in mind.

DRS can manufacture a bespoke automatic swing door system for your premises. Alternatively, we can automate your existing swing door.

With a reputation for reliability and low running costs, our automatic swing door systems are the “automatic choice” for many of our clients.


Aluminium framing offers many advantages. Strong yet light, automatic swing doors are beautiful as well as functional. They can be manufactured with a variety of finishes and colours to match or compliment the design of your business. First impressions are lasting, so show your customers you are committed to their comfort and convenience by installing beautiful doors at your entrance.


Smooth operating automatic swing doors can be quite economical over their lifespan. Unlike manual swing doors, automatic doors close securely after a safe interval upon a user’s exit. By avoiding the possibility of accidentally leaving a door open, valuable energy savings can be realized when either expensive air conditioning or heating is used and kept inside the business. And since the door closes securely, leaving no gaps for air to escape, cooling or heating energy is saved.


Bespoke automatic swing doors can be manufactured to fit practically any entranceway. DRS design its own doors in house using the latest in computer aided design (CAD) technology. They are then manufactured to exacting standards using the latest manufacturing techniques in our own factory. They are then put through a rigorous quality control process to ensure every door operates smoothly and will last.


An alternative to installing brand new automatic swing doors is to have us automate your existing manual swing doors. In fact, if you’re not quite ready for automatic swing doors, a good option is to have us install manual doors first. When you are ready, we can automate them. That way you’ll have the advantage of quality DRS doors from the very beginning.


Features of the DRS automatic swing doors and units include:

  • Automatic detection of obstacles
  • Safe manual operation upon power failure
  • Can be combined with a wide range of activation and safety devices
  • Heavy-duty engineering for reliability and longevity
  • Compact sizes for discreet installations
  • Push and go feature
  • Push/pull arms (as required)
  • Extended cover option for double doors

DRS Doors Ltd can comfortably cater for all your automatic or manual swing door needs. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the automatic door installation and maintenance industry, you know that your entrance will be in the hands of experts.


All installations are subject to a technical survey. DRS will be happy to provide a free full survey of your business premises and your access requirements as part of our quotation.