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Digital signage: The shop fronts of the future?


Statistics show that over three quarters of consumers now use the internet to shop. Inevitably this change in shopping habits has had a dramatic impact on the high street, with retail units up and down the country standing empty. A report published last year by PwC and the Local Data Company found that there were 987 stores closures during 2014 – significantly up from 371 closures the previous year.

However, a TechCrunch consumer survey found that 78% of shoppers actually prefer to shop in store and that they spend six times more money in store than online. The challenge for retailers is how they adapt and improve the shopping experience for those who prefer to look over merchandise before making a decision to buy. To achieve this, many businesses have chosen to incorporate touchscreen digital displays into their shop fronts. These offer a range of benefits including:

  • Attracting The Attention Of Passers-by: As consumers we walk down high-streets every day, but how many of the shop fronts you walk past truly grab your attention. Traditional static window displays can seemingly blend into the background as we go about our business. In comparison, digital displays are ever changing and are more likely to grab the attention of those passing by.
  • Improving The Customer Experience: Going the extra mile can go a long way towards building long lasting customer relationships. By enhancing the shopping experience of the consumer, digital displays can improve the impression someone has of your company and potentially result in return custom.
  • Helping To Maximise The Space You Have Available: If you wanted to advertise a large selection of the products your business sells, how would you go about it? You could try and squeeze them all into a window display, though that could look crowded and untidy. You could put dozens of posters in your window, but that would limit customers ability to look into the store. Using a digital display allows you to advertise a wide range of products in a relatively small space.
  • Offering Customers Extra Information: A traditional shop front will commonly feature a range of the products or services that your business offers, but the information which can be offered to consumers is often limited – in most instances it will be restricted to just a price tag. Digital displays allow businesses to demonstrate more of the products features, the range of colours and styles it is available in and provide details of stock availability.


If you would like help transforming your shop front, we have the skills and expertise to create an enticing look for your business. You can speak to our team by calling 0845 226 2823 or emailing hello@drsdoors.com.

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