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Football clubs still failing disabled supporters


Back in April we looked at a BBC Inside Out Programme which identified that a significant number of English Football League clubs were failing to meet the minimum requirements when it came to providing facilities for disabled fans. Now, a new investigation has found that despite an agreement being in place to improve grounds around the country, more still needs to be done in order to meet the deadlines outlined in that agreement.

The investigation, conducted by the charity ‘Level Playing Field’ and The Telegraph newspaper, found that:

  • Only Leicester City, Manchester City and Swansea City currently meet the minimum requirements.
  • Sunderland and Hull City are close to meeting the minimum requirements and need only minor improvements to their grounds.
  • A group of clubs, including Everton, Watford and Manchester United continue to offer less than half the recommended number of spaces for disabled fans.
  • Campaigners expect Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and West Ham to miss the deadline.


The findings follow a statement released in September of last year. That statement laid out a series of provisions which were said to have been agreed and would see all clubs compliant with the Accessible Stadia Guide by August 2017. These guidelines not only focussed on the number of wheelchair spaces made available to disabled supporters, but also looked at ways of improving their overall match day experience.

“We are now at half-time, and for many teams, the performance is simply unacceptable. There are clear sanctions in the Equality Act which Premier League clubs may find themselves on the end of. We have the richest, the most profitable league on the planet. That has to be the most inclusive league as well otherwise it is morally bankrupt.” – Lord Chris Holmes, EHRC Disability Commissioner

Helping Businesses Comply With the Equality Act

At DRS Doors we have considerable experience of assisting clients in achieving compliance with the Equality Act. Whether your business is a sports club, a public organisation or a retailer, our low energy doors can help your business to create an accessible entrance for disabled visitors. These doors are designed to open for longer and provide a safe entry point for both able bodied and disabled visitors; as well as elderly guests who may require a little more time.

All of our low energy doors can be supplied with a choice of activation options including:

  • Remote fobs
  • Touchless pads
  • Proximity access
  • Touch sensitive handles


Our doors are available to be fitted in any new build installation and can also be incorporated retrospectively into your premises. We therefore have the capabilities to deliver cost effective, barrier free access to just about any premises. 

If your business would like advice on improving accessibility to your building, do not hesitate to get in touch and speak with us and can recommend the most appropriate system for you. Call us on 0845 226 2823 or email hello@drsdoors.com for a chat.

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