Glass Shop Fronts


Frameless glass shop fronts are a popular choice for offices, shops and many prestigious buildings alike. This type of entranceway is the preferred installation when the image of the building and the business is incredibly important.

Glass is shiny and eye catching, sleek and modern. It portrays a sense of sophistication, elegance and competence. Its transparency allows an infinite array of design possibilities from within. Product displays work well, as do mannequins for clothing, or print campaigns that can be hung behind the glass panels.


The most stylish looking of all the possible shop front designs is the full glass “frameless” or “all glass” toughened glass shop front. The frameless shop front is an immediately impressive invitation that encourages passing traffic to pass through your business. It is perfect for window displays and luring potential shoppers into your store. The publicity you will receive from displaying your product in the massive and enhanced windows will cost you nothing extra for free promotion and advertising. Furthermore, it will be on display day and night, when you are open and when you are closed, constantly reminding customers of your offerings and encouraging them to return.

The overall finish of the frameless shop front is both stylish and sophisticated. With full height glazing, a frameless full height glass door, stainless steel glass fittings and bespoke hardware, you can be confident that the entrance to your premises is inviting, exciting and innovative.

Keep in mind that all glass frameless shop fronts go especially well with automatic sliding glass doors, which can be expertly integrated into the design by DRS and their expert fabricators.


Glass is strong and reliable, and virtually maintenance-free. It is hygienic and inherently clean making it a great choice for restaurants and any other business that is concerned about health. Its strength will stand up to the elements and it is suitable for a variety of climatic regions.

A characteristic of commercial glass doors that is not often considered is security. The glass is toughened and very difficult to penetrate, adding a layer of security and would-be thieves will be forced to think twice before entering your establishment given the added visibility they will receive even once inside.


DRS can design, produce, install and maintain your frameless shop front. Our in house professional manufacturing processes, our experienced design experts and our fast, friendly and careful installers will help you to produce an impressive entrance for your business building.

With DRS you can create a frameless shop front that are clean, contemporary and eye catching. The minimalistic yet striking look and feel of your entrance will help to draw in new business, while helping to create a modern appearance for your business.

For more information on the range of DRS frameless shop front designs and services, simply download our online brochure. Alternatively you can contact the team at DRS at any time to get expert advice on your frameless glass door installation.