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Is your business Equality Act compliant?


Before the introduction of the Equality Act 2010 on 1st October 2010, there were 116 individual pieces of legislation related to ensuring equality. By bringing together those individual acts, including the Disability Act 1995, the rights of all individuals were protected.

As a result of this legislation, all businesses and services providers must comply and ensure that disabled people are not restricted in their access to goods and services. Here are some of the key points covered in the Equality Act.

Who Needs To Comply With The Equality Act?

The 2010 Equality Acts applies to non-dwelling businesses which provide any form of services, goods or facilities to the general public.

 What Does Your Business Need To Do In Order To Comply?

In order to comply with the Equality Act, your business or service providers must make any reasonable adjustments to ensure that disabled people are not put at a disadvantage by any of the following:

  • The way that the your company operates
  • The physical features of your company’s premises, including stairs and entrance doors
  • Failure to install an auxiliary aid or service.


What Does ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ Actually Mean?

The definition of reasonable adjustments will vary from one business to another. It can be dependent on how practical it is to implement the measures needed, what financial resources are available to the business to complete the work, and whether the adjustment would significantly improve the experience of disabled people.

Examples of what would be considered reasonable adjustments include:

  • The installation of a ramp or lift to overcome stairs
  • The widening of doorways and entrances
  • The installation of internal and external automatic doors
  • Improved lighting and clear signage


We should stress that making reasonable adjustments is an ongoing process. If your business makes a change and it does not overcome the problem, you will be required to make further improvements.

Want to find out how our automatic doors can make your business compliant? Get in touch and speak to our team by calling 0845 226 2823 or drop us an email to hello@drsdoors.com.


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