Low Energy Doors


Low energy doors are an ideal solution for low traffic entrances where there is a need to assist entry or comply with the Equality Act. These door operators open and close the door at reduced speed, limiting the kinetic energy of the moving door to levels deemed safe and suitable for disabled users. They open via a push button that is activated as needed.

High powered automatic door openers use sensors rather than a button in order to open. The delay required before closing is shorter than for a low energy door, which stays open longer to allow persons with disabilities to pass through safely. High powered automatic door openers may also require guardrails and safety devices to limit risk due to the force and swiftness with which the door operates. Due to the slow operation and reduced risk of injury, low energy doors do not require additional safety devices.

Another feature of a low energy door is that in the event of a power failure, the weight or force required to open the door cannot exceed 67 newton meters of force.


The automatic swing door operator unit allows the low energy door to be used manually by able bodied persons, without risking damage to the automatic operator; but upon activating the low energy door (by pressing on a push pad), disabled visitors can enter the premises using a door that opens in slow motion and with control, making access very easy.


Low Energy operators are particularly effective for slow moving traffic which includes wheelchairs, the disabled and the elderly. Our system can be fitted to your existing door which will eliminate the expensive costs of a replacement door. The low energy door is a great choice when you want to provide easy, barrier free access to all of your customers.


Features of the DRS low energy doors and units include:

  • Remote Fobs
  • Touchless Pads
  • Proximity Access
  • Touch Sensitive Handles and more.

Benefits of the DRS low energy doors and units include:

  • Quiet, smooth and safe
  • Wide range of activation options available
  • External/Internal Door applications
  • Ease of installation
  • Ability to push or pull the door open
  • Retrofit solutions to existing doors


Overall low energy doors are less expensive than high energy automatic door openers. They can be smaller in size, making them less visible, and are often easier to install as well. They can be installed in an existing door frame without the need for extensive modifications. The fact that they don’t require safety devices also contributes to their overall reduced cost and makes them easier to maintain.

In the case of power loss, the door will close, which means they meet fire regulations and, since low energy doors are only opened on demand, they operate less frequently which means their duty cycle can be less.

Free Site Survey

All installations are subject to a technical survey. DRS will be happy to provide a free full survey of your business premises and your access requirements as part of our quotation.

DRS can comfortably cater for all your automatic door needs. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the automatic door installation and maintenance industry you know that your entrance will be in the hands of experts.