Powder Coating


Our capabilities also include our own “In-house” powder coating facility allowing you to design your entrance or shop front in corporate colours from our range of RAL and British standard colour palettes. Our “In-house” powder coating helps us maintain the low cost and high quality of our door sets, at the same time managing time constraints.


Powder coating is a high quality, durable finish we apply to the metal used in your door fabrication or shop front installation. While it is decorative and comes in an almost limitless range of colours and textures, it is also durable and functional. It is far more durable than any paint or varnish, and handles extreme weather conditions and UV light without chipping, peeling or fading.


Powder coating is similar to paint, except it does not utilize a solvent to keep the particles in a liquefied form. Instead, the mixture of resins, pigments and hardeners is sprayed from a gun that electrostatically charges the particles coming out of the gun. The metal to which the coating is being applied must be completely clean and free from oil, grease, dirt, welding scale and the like. The charged dry powder coating particles are attracted to the metal, which is grounded, and they stick, forming an even coating. The metal part is then put in an oven where it is heated. The heat melts the particles and they flow in and around the part, coating it completely. The particles undergo a chemical reaction when heated and bond to each other and the part, forming a very tough, resilient and attractive coating. Many different colours are available, and they can even be mixed, making it possible to achieve almost any colour in the spectrum.

The fact that there is no solvent used in powder coating makes it a more environmentally friendly choice over conventional paint finishes. Furthermore, the leftover powder from the spraying process can be collected and recycled.


At DRS, we have extensive experience powder coating and have been doing it for years. We thoroughly clean all the parts to be powder coated, making sure that the coating will stick well, be uniform and smooth, and built to last. Performing this procedure in our in house facility means that we don’t have to pay for or wait for a middleman. You get your product faster and will pay less. Having in house capability also allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality control and set our own standards for excellence.

The team at DRS are fiercely passionate about and committed to both quality and reliability, and we apply this important philosophy to both our services and our products.


All installations are subject to a technical survey. DRS will be happy to provide a free full survey of your business premises and your access requirements as part of our quotation.